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“…If the Imaam is an Innovator” | Shaykh Abdul-Azīz Āl us-Shaykh

Question: Is it correct that one leaves praying with the Jama'ah because the Imaam is an innovator, bearing in mind that his innovation is not that which nullifies his Islaam? Shaykh al-Mufti Abdul Aziz 'aala Shaykh: The Jama'ah (congregation) is obligatory and a qualified Imaam should Continue Reading 1 Comment

[PDF] The Ruling Regarding Shaking Hands After Prayer – Shaykh Abdullah ibn Aqeel

There exists a common confusion among the people in assuming an action to be sound simply because they see the vast majority practicing it. Consider shaking hands immediately following the Tasleem as an example. Before one can remember his Rabb and send the Salawat upon His Messenger (صلى الله Continue Reading No Comments

Khutbatul Eid al-Adha 1434 – Na’eem Aboo Zubaydah

Bismillah walhamdulillahi wa salaatu wa salaam 'ala nabianaa Muhammad, wa ba'ad. A beautiful time and a blessed Eid for the brothers and sisters of Masjidul Istiqaamah. Allah blessed us with clear skies so that we were able to establish it outside in accordance with the sunnah, wa lillahil hamd. This Continue Reading No Comments

[PDF] Virtues of the Night of Decree – Shaykh Muhammad bin Saaleh al ‘Uthaymeen رحمه الله

Virtues of al-Laylatul Qadr -From the Tafseer of Shaykh Muhammad bin Saaleh al-'Uthaymeen- Click here for the PDF: Virtues of al-Laylatul Qadr - Shaykh al Uthaymeen Continue Reading No Comments

The Correct Friday Prayer – Shaykh Saaleh bin Fawzaan al Fawzaan حفظه الله

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Q: Is it permissible (to establish) the Friday prayer with one khutba? A: "'Audhubillah (I seek refuge with Allah), no, this is not permissible. Al Jumu'ah (the Friday prayer), it is two khutbas (according to) the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, Peace and Prayers Continue Reading No Comments