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Drinking Water & Using the Miswak During the Khutba – Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree

The noble Shaykh, Ubayd al-Jaabiree, may Allah preserve him, was asked: "Is it permissible to drink water or use the miswak during the Friday khutba ?" The Shaykh responded by saying: "If the khateeb is in need of water; if he is choking or experiencing dryness in his throat for instance, then there's Continue Reading 3 Comments

[PDF] Prayer Behind An Imam Who Claims Allah Is Everywhere – Shaykh Bin Baz

Click the link to view the PDF: Prayer Behind an Imam Who Claims Allah Is Everywhere

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[PDF] …And for This Let Those Strive Who Want to Strive – Shaykh Muqbil bin Hadee al-Wadi’ee, rahimahullah

وَفِي ذَٰلِكَ فَلْيَتَنَافَسِ الْمُتَنَافِسُونَ '...and for this let those strive who want to strive' [Surah al-Mutaffifeen, Ayah 26] Click here to download the PDF: ...And let those Strive - Shaykh Muqbil Continue Reading No Comments

Praying Behind A Sutrah – Shaykh Muqbil bin Haadi al Waadi’ee رحمه الله

Praying Behind A Sutrah Shaykh Muqbil bin Haadi al Waadi'ee رحمه الله Q: Is the Sutrah (barrier) a necessity during the prayer, and what is the evidence? A: That which is apparent is that the Sutrah is a must, because the Messenger (صلى الله عليه و على آله و سلم) said: 'When Continue Reading 1 Comment

[MP3] Khutbatul Eid al Adhaa 1435

A compelling address from our dear brother, reminding us that while the day of Eid is a day of happiness, we are not to lose sight of our objective. We must stay focused on our purpose, which is to worship Allah alone, associating no partners with him, clinging tightly to the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet, Continue Reading No Comments