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A response regarding Jama’at at-Tabligh, by the Noble Shaykh, Abdur Razaaq Afeefi رحمه الله

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم A response regarding Jama'at at-Tabligh, by the Noble Shaykh, Abdur Razaaq Afeefi رحمه الله    The Shaykh was asked: About going out (with) Jama'at at-Tabligh for the purpose of reminding the people of Allah's Greatness?  The Shaykh Continue Reading 1 Comment

Fatwa on ‘Valentine’s Day’ – Shaykh Saleh al-Fawzaan

The Seriousness of  Celebrating Valentine's Day Question: "May Allah be excellent to you, virtous companion. These are a number of questions concerning what is called 'Eid al Habb (Valentine's Day)'. They are hoping for a clarification to the seriousness of this celebration and publicizing a fatwa Continue Reading 2 Comments

Ibn Baz رحمه الله – “Differing of My Ummah is a Mercy”

Q: "What is the degree of authenticity of the hadeeth "Differing of my Ummah is a Mercy (Rahmah)"' ? A: "It is not authentic. This is from the speech of some of the salaf, from the speech of Qaasim ibn Muhammad regarding differing of the Companions of the Prophet (ﺻﻠﻰ الله عليه و سلام), Continue Reading No Comments

Ibn Baz رحمه الله – ‘Tawheed al Hakimiyyah’

Question: There are those who say that indeed the categories of Tawheed are four, and the fourth category is 'Tawheed al Hamakiyyah'. So is this correct? Answer:  The categories of Tawheed are not four, and they are only three just as the people of knowledge have said. Tawheed-ul Hakimiyyah is included Continue Reading No Comments