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[PDF] They Are Not Disbelievers Due to Sins – Shaykh bin Baz

Q: "There are those among us who attribute the statement of the Salaf: 'We don't hold anyone from the religion as disbelievers due to sin, unless they deem them (the sins) to be permissible', to the Murji'ah. So what is your response ?" Click Here to view and download the PDF: Takfeer Due To Sins Continue Reading No Comments

[PDF] ISIS Do Not Rule By What Allah Revealed – Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree

Click to view/download the PDF: ISIS Do Not Rule By What Allah Revealed

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[PDF] Prayer Behind An Imam Who Claims Allah Is Everywhere – Shaykh Bin Baz

Click the link to view the PDF: Prayer Behind an Imam Who Claims Allah Is Everywhere

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[PDF] Gathering for the Mawlid – Permanent Committee Fatwa

Click the Link to view the PDF: Gathering for the Mawlid

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The Sahaba Were Free of Hizbiyyah – Shaykh Saaleh al-Luhaydaan حفظه الله

Our Shaykh, the father, Saaleh al-Luhaydaan was questioned on the morning of Yawmul Ithnayn, the 3rd of Muharram 1436 (coinciding with the 27th of October 2014): "One of the callers to Islaam in Kuwait stated that even the Sahaba had traits of Hizbiyyah among themselves, citing narrations about the Continue Reading No Comments