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[PDF] Shaving the Beard for Military Service – Shaykh Muhammad Bazmool

Click the link to view and download the PDF: Shaving the Beard for Military Service

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Ta’hiyatul Masjid – Shaykh Saaleh ibn Muhammad al-Luhaydaan

Q: Should Ta'hiyatul Masjid be left off while the Imaam is on the minbar? A: Do not omit Ta'hiyatul Masjid, pray while the Imaam is speaking. A man entered the masjid while the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) was speaking, so he sat. He was asked, 'Did you pray two raka'ah ?', to which Continue Reading No Comments

Prayer in a Turban | Shaykh Abdul-Azīz bin Bāz

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Holding the Mushaf During Salaaht‏ | Shaykh Sālih bin Fawzān Al-Fawzān

Q: What is the religious verdict for whoever holds the Mushaf and reads from it during the prayer? A: Do not read from the Mushaf during the obligatory prayers, because the requirement in the daily prayers is to recite easy, short surahs or verses, and the pillar and requisite is al-Fatihah. Whatever Continue Reading No Comments

Greet or Recite? – Shaykh Saaleh Fawzaan al Fawzaan, may Allah preserve him

Q: If I'm reciting the Qur'an then some one comes and sends the greeting of salaam (i.e. - saying 'as-salaamu alaikum') upon me, should I return the greeting of salaam or complete the ayah? A: 'Complete the ayah then return the salaam to them. And it is not legislated to send salaam upon the one Continue Reading No Comments