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Holding the Mushaf During Salaaht‏ | Shaykh Sālih bin Fawzān Al-Fawzān

Q: What is the religious verdict for whoever holds the Mushaf and reads from it during the prayer?

A: Do not read from the Mushaf during the obligatory prayers, because the requirement in the daily prayers is to recite easy, short surahs or verses, and the pillar and requisite is al-Fatihah. Whatever is increased upon that, then it is Sunnah. So in the prescribed prayers there is no need for the Mushaf, but in Salaat-ul-Taraweeh or during Tahajjud there is no problem if they recite from the Mushaf.

Source: http://saif.af.org.sa/ar/node/2245

Translation: Abu Mohamed Abdul Kareem ibn Hagedorn

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