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Know the Ulema – A Brief Biography of Shaykh Abur Rahman as-Sa’dee, may Allah have mercy upon him

A Brief Biography of Shaykh Abur Rahman as-Sa’dee رحمه الله

Our Shaykh Abdur Rahman Ibn Nasir as-Sa’dee was born in the city of ‘Unayzah in the year 1307 A.H. (corresponding to the year 1885). His mother Fatimah Bin Abdillah al-Uthaymeen passed away in 1311 A.H. when he was 4 years old, shortly thereafter his father passed away when he was 7 years old; so he grew up as an orphan.

His father was a scholar in ‘Unayzah and worked as the Imam of Masjidul-Mas’wak’fa in 1310 A.H. and before that he was a Qari’ (one who recites the Qur’an) who would also read the lessons for the judge in ‘Unayzah, who at that time was Shaykh Abdul Azeez ibn Muhammad al-Ma’ne in Masjidul Ja’mee.

As mentioned before, Shaykh Abdur Rahman as Sa’dee was raised an orphan in the house of his brother, by his father’s request. His father’s name was Hamad an-Nasir as-Sa’dee, and his wife who took care of him made sure he had a good liveliehood, may Allah have mercy on her and reward her with good.

His older brother, Hamad al-Ali al-Qadee’, who was from his mother in a previous marriage traveled to India and was occupied with commerce. He had obtained an abundance of wealth, and he would entrust some of the expenditures regarding major matters with his brother (young as-Sa’dee).


His Seeking Knowledge and His Scholars:

When our Shaykh read the age of discernment, he began memorizing the Qur’an; and he completed the memorization of it at 12 years old under the Shaykh ul-Qari’ (Scholar in Qur’an recitation) Sulaymaan ad-Da’miji.

Afterwards, he began Talibul-‘Ilm (studying knowledge), memorizing the short texts, and he was extremely serious and committed to the extent that he had obtained in his youth what no other had done, emerging among his colleagues. When his colleagues observed him surpassing them in the sciences, they would receive tutoring from him. He then became a student and teacher all at the same time.


His Scholars:

He would seek knowledge under the scholars in his city of ‘Unayzah, among them was his Shaykh, Al-‘Allamah Saleh ibn Uthman al-Qa’dee; he was the judge of ‘Unayzah from 1281 until 1351 A.H. who had sought knowledge in al-Hejaz (i.e. before it was called Saudi Arabia) and in Egypt for 17 years. He took on judicial duties in succession of Shaykh Ibraheem ibn Jasir for a period of 27 years in 1324 A.H. until his passing in 1351 A.H., and Sa’dee stayed close to him up until the Shaykh’s death.

Among his mashayakh (plural for Shaykh) was the Qa’dee (i.e. Judge) of ‘Unayzah, Shaykh Ibraheem ibn Hamad al-Jasir (1241-1338 A.H.) who studied in Sham and Iraq, and he resided there for some years. Our Shaykh, as-Sa’dee studied under him for the duration of his judicial term from 1318-1324 A.H.

Among his mashayakh was our senior scholar Shaykh al-Muhaddith ‘Ali ibn Nasir Abu Wadee’ (1273-1361 A.H.) who traveled to India to seek knowledge, taking from the scholar of the scholars there, al-‘Allamah Nadeer Hussein. Our Shaykh ibn Sa’dee earned ‘Ijaaza (i.e. Permission to teach) in riwayaat (i.e. Hadeeth narrations) just like what we had obtained from the Shaykh ibn Sa’dee in Bukhari, Muslim, Sunan, Musnad, and other than that. Likewise, the Shaykh Abu Wadee’ had taken from al-‘Allamah Sadeeq Hasan Khan al-Qanujee, the well-renown scholar, may Allah have mercy on them.

Among the mashayakh as-Sa’dee took from was Shaykh Muhammad Ameen ash-Shanqitee (1289-1351 A.H.) from Mauritania, who had traveled about the Islamic worked and fought against the English in Basra (i.e. South port of Iraq). Our Shaykh Sa’dee took knowledge from him when he arrived in ‘Unayzah and resided there for 4 years.

Among the mashaykh was Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdil Kareem ash-Shubul, Shaykh Abdullah ibn Ayada, Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdil Azeez ibn Manee’, Shaykh Ibraheem ibn Saleh ibn Isaa, and so forth may Allah have mercy on all of them.

Sa’dee studied under these Ulema and benefitted much along with that which he took of comprehension, tirelessness upon seeking knowledge, and indulging in the books of Shaykhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah and his student Ibnul Qayyim – he benefitted from that. Allah had opened for him a monumental opening in which anyone would bear witness to by simply reading his books and authoring.


-Copied with permission from the book Tafsir Suratul Hadeed, MaktabatulIrshad Publications, First Edition, November 2012/Muharram 1434 H

Translation by Khaleel Abdur-Razzaaq



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