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Warning Against Innovation – Parts 1-7 Complete Khutba Series

Just as the Muslims should avoid Shirk, we should be aware of Bid’ah (innovations) in the Deen so that we can avoid them. Take heed to these vital khutub delivered by our beloved brother Na’eem Aboo Zubaydah, may Allah reward him. These sermons are derived from a khutba from Shaykh Saaleh Fawzaan, from the Senior Ulema of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah, may Allah preserve him.

Listen to the series of khutub here:








And Download Here:

Warning Against Bid’ah [Part 1]

Warning Against Bid’ah [Part 2]

Warning Against Bid’ah [Part 3]

Warning Againt Bid’ah [Part 4]

Warning Against Bid’ah [Part 5]

Warning Against Bid’ah [Part 6]

Warning Against Bid’ah [Part 7]



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