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Our Da’wah – Khutba Masjidul Istiqaamah, Cincinnati, OH 09/27/2013

How Can You Help Masjidul Istiqaamah ?

1. Sincerity and Du’a: These two components create an unstoppable force. The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) advised Ibn Abbass, ‘if you ask, then ask Allah’. [at-Tirmidhi, Hasan]

2. Sponsor Us: Help pay for time at the Lincoln Center. Our weekly cost is $70, or $280 for the entire month.

3. Find Us A Home: Help us scout locations for our masjid. Remember, Masjidul Istiqaamah is your masjid and the masjid of the people of the sunnah. Let us know if you see any prime spots.

4. Half of Eeman: The Messenger of Allah stated in a saheeh hadith ‘Cleanliness is half of Eeman’ [Muslim]. For those who are able to stay and help clean up the Lincoln Center after the Jumu’ah Salaaht Allah will prepare a great reward.

5. Advise Us: In another authentic narration we are reminded that ‘Ad-deenul naseeha (the religion is sincere advice)’ [Muslim]. The administration of Masjidul Istiqaamah needs your input and feedback regarding this bounty we are seeking. You can share with us your ideas in person or in written form. We intend to have suggestion boxes for the brothers and sisters, accessible on yawmul jumu’ah.

May Allah guide us to all the He loves and is pleased with, aameen.

Donations to Masjidul Istiqaamah can also be made via PayPal at istiqaamahmasjid@gmail.com

Stay updated at www.salafiyyahcincinnati.com

Lesson/Class Hotline: 712-432-3100 Pin: 176126

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