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Freemasonry and It’s Ruling in Islaam

Q: What is Freemasonry? What is the Islamic ruling regarding it?

A: The Freemasons are a secret political organization; their goal is to eliminate religion and morality and to establish man-made laws and a non religious system in place of the religious system. They exert their efforts in provoking constant revolt and overthrowing the leadership and replacing them with another; all of this is done under the pretext of freedom of thought and freedom of belief. And this is confirmed by what was announced by the Masons during the student conference which convened in the year 1865, in the city of Liege (Belgium) which is considered to be one of the centers of Freemasonry, He said: ‘is a requirement that man must prevail over God, and declare war on Him. And he should demolish the heavens and tear them like paper.’

And this is confirmed by what was mentioned in the Masonic Grand Lodge (1922, p. 98): ‘We will strengthen the freedom of individual thought with all the powers at our disposal, and we will declare a major war against the real enemy of man, which is religion.’ 

And this is confirmed by what was mentioned by the Masons; they say verily the Freemasons take the human soul as its object of worship. They say:  It is not enough for us to prevail over the religious people and their places of worship; rather our basic goal is to wipe them out of existence. (1)

And their statement: Freemasonry will take the place of religion and its Lodges will take the place of places of worship and there are many other statements which clearly point to the intensity of their enmity towards religion and their uncompromising war on religion.

The Freemasons are one of the most ancient secret societies which still exist and its origins are still unknown, and their goals are still unknown to many of the people; rather this is still unknown to many of its members. This is because their leaders are very keen to conceal their plots and hidden deceptions. And due to their attentiveness in remaining secret they did not lay out a pact stating their goals nor their intended results or purpose. And due to their secrecy most of their affairs are conducted verbally, with no written record. When they want to write an idea or announce it to the public, it is first subjected to the scrutiny of Masonic censorship committee who decide whether it may be released or not.

The principles of Freemasonry were based on theories taken from several sources, mostly from Jewish traditions. This is supported by the fact that Jewish ideas and teachings were taken as the basis for the founding of the Grand Lodge in 1717 CE with its principles and symbols. The Masons still venerate the Jew Hiram and they venerate the temple that he built, and they venerate the place of worship he constructed to the extent that they took it as the design of the Masonic lodges in the world. The grand masters of the Freemasons are Jews and they form the backbone of the Masonic movement, and they are the ones who represent Jewish organizations in Masonic lodges. And they are responsible for the spread of Masonry and global cooperation between Freemasons and they are the driving force behind Freemasonry.

And the Jewish elite are responsible for leading secret cells, managing their affairs, and devising their plans, and directing them secretly as they wish. This is supported by a report in the Masonic Acacia magazine (1908, issue no. 66) which says, ‘there is no Masonic lodge that is free of Jews and that all the Jews do not follow one way or another exclusively; rather there are only principles for them to follow, and this is also the case with the Masons. As a result the Jewish synagogues are our [Masons] support and we find a large number of Jews among the Freemasons.’ This is also supported by what it says in the Masonic publications: ‘that verily the Jews are certain that the best means of destroying religion is Freemasonry; and the history of the Freemasons is similar to the history of the Jews in belief.’

Their symbol is the six-pointed Star of David. The Jews and the Freemasons both consider themselves to be the spiritual sons of the builders of the Temple of Solomon, and the Freemasons who distort other religions open the door wide open to support Judaism and its followers. The Jews took advantage of peoples simple-mindedness and good intentions, and infiltrated Freemasonry and reached high positions within it, thus they breathed a Jewish spirit into the Masonic lodges and subjugated them to their own aims.

One of the clearest indications of their intense desire to conceal their plans to destroy religions and provoke political revolutions is what it says in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, where it says: ‘we will concentrate these cells under a single leadership that is known to us alone. This leadership will be composed of our scholars and these cells will have special representatives, so that the true location of our leadership will be concealed. This leadership alone will have the right to decide who will speak, and to draw up the plans of the day. In these cells we will plan to lay traps and snares for all the socialists and classes of revolutionary society. Most of the secret political plans are known to us and we will decide when to implement them. But the agents of the international secret police will be members of these cells. When the conspiracies start throughout the world; that will mean that one of our most dedicated agents will be at the head of these conspiracies and of course we will be the only people to direct the Masonic plans. We are the only people who know how to direct them and we know the ultimate goal of each action, while the illiterates, meaning non Jews, are ignorant of most of these things, especially Masonry, and they can only see the immediate results of what they are doing.’ And there is other evidence which points to the strong connection between the Jews and the Masons, and the cooperation between the two parties in revolutionary conspiracies and stirring up destructive movements.

Even though Freemasonry outwardly appears to be a call to freedom of belief, tolerance and social reform in general, in fact it is really a call for permissiveness and destructive factors which cause social disintegration and the loosening of bonds between nations and destruction of religion and morals and the spread of mischief. Based on this; any Muslim who joins a Masonic group knowing the true nature of Freemasonry and its secrets, and carries out its rituals and is keen to do so, is a disbeliever who should be asked to repent. If he repents, then this is good, otherwise he is to be put to death [by order of the Muslim ruler] and if he dies in that state then his recompense will be that of the disbelievers.

Whoever joins the Freemasons but does not know what they really are, or know about their plots against Islam and the Muslims, and their spreading evil and the evil that they are planning against everyone who tries to bring people together and reform nations, and he joins them in their general activities and talk that does not apparently contradict Islam, then this person is not a disbeliever, rather he is excused in general because of their concealing their true nature from him, and because he does not share their basic beliefs in creed nor does he share their goals, nor did he map out the way for them to achieve their vile goals.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: ‘Verily actions are only based upon the intentions, and each person will have that which they intended.’ (Bukhari and Muslim) But it is a must that he disavows himself from them when he finds out what they are about, and he has to expose their reality to the people and strive to spread their secrets and their plots against the Muslims, so that this will be a disgrace for them and will undermine their efforts.

Therefore it is befitting that the Muslim surround himself with good people who will cooperate with him in his religious and worldly affairs. He should be far-sighted in choosing close friends so that he will be safe from being tempted by these apparently attractive ideas and be safe from the evil consequences of sly words, and so he will not fall into the traps of the people of shirk which they set up to ensnare those who are easily deceived, follow their whims and desires and are weak in reasoning.

And with Allah lies all success, and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and his companions.

From the Fataawa of the Permanent Committee of Scholars: Member: Abdullah ibn Mani,Member:Abdullah ibn Ghudayaan,Member: Abdur Razaaq Afeefi

1) Minutes of the World Masonic Conference, 1903 CE, p. 102.

Source: alifta.com


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