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Shaykh bin Baz – Muslim Doctors, Cremation, and Death Certificates

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

   “A ruling with regards to the muslim doctor signing the death certificate of a cremated corpse”

A questioner says, “Indeed, the man-made laws of these countries allow the cremation of the dead corpse, and the Muslim doctor is requested to sign the certificate of cremation if he was a supervisor of the death of the sick person where it is not possible for the cremation to precede without his authorization.” The question: “Is that permissible for him Islamically?”

Answer: “That is not for him (to do), because this is among the things that are mutually aiding upon sin and transgression. He should not sign it on the account of its cremation—this is not regulated by Islamic legislation. When the deceased is a Muslim then it is not permissible to sign for his cremation. And as for if it is a disbeliever, then this (matter) needs to be looked into (by scholars); and the most precautionary measure for him is that he should not sign (it) because it is not regulated by Islamic law to cremate the disbeliever. So the most precautionary measure is not to sign (i.e. the certificate). However, if he is forced to do that then the matter is easier for the disbeliever. As for the Muslim, then he should not sign it.”

Translation by: Aboo Sulaymaan Muhammad ‘Abdul-Azim Bin Joshua Baker

22th day of Jumada Thani 1434AH

Source: http://www.binbaz.org.sa/mat/4132

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