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Sh. Luhaydaan – Ikhwaani Da’wah and Ibn Abdul Wahhab, rahimahullah

Q: “Is the call of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwani Muslimeen) an extension of the call of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab?”

A: “No, the call of Ikhwani Muslimeen indeed it only resembles political propaganda. They don’t reject sufism and do not disapprove building upon the graves in [‘Qaraafa’ – cemetery, specifically a graveyard below the Mokattam Hills near Cairo]. I did not know and did not hear anyone among them disapproving building upon the graves in Egypt or to begin to warn the people from visiting who call him ‘Sayed’ al Badawi. And I do not know them to stop at Masjid al Husayn and renounce and prevent those who circumambulate (make tawaf) the grave. I don’t know this matter from them. Then they, in reality, they are not an extension of the Shaykh’s da’wah.”

-Shaykh Saleh ibn Muhammad al Luhaydaan, may Allah preserve him

Source: “Virtues of the Call of Imaam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, may Allah Have Mercy on Him”

Translation: Abu Mohamed Abd Kareem Hagedorn

Revision of Translation: Abu Sulaymaan Muhammad ‘Abdul Azim Ibn Baker

Virtues of the Call of Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Wahhab by Shaykh Saalih Muhammad Al-Luhaidan-page-016

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