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Ibn Baz رحمه الله – “Differing of My Ummah is a Mercy”

Q: “What is the degree of authenticity of the hadeeth “Differing of my Ummah is a Mercy (Rahmah)”‘ ?

A: “It is not authentic. This is from the speech of some of the salaf, from the speech of Qaasim ibn Muhammad regarding differing of the Companions of the Prophet (ﺻﻠﻰ الله عليه و سلام), he said, “I thought it to be nothing more except a mercy”, and it is not a hadeeth.”

– From the Fatawa Collection of Shaykh bin Baz, may Allah have Mercy upon him.

Translation: Abu Mohamed Abd Kareem Hagedorn

Revision: Abu Sulaymaan Muhammad Abdul Azim

Original Arabic text found at http://binbaz.org.sa/mat/3484

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    Abdul-Hadi Evangelista


    yes, this could be a dangerous hadith. I’m glad you verified that it is not a hadith and actually is something wrong that people might quote and say it’s ok to have so many opinions on a topic when we should be united on the truth not on falsehood.


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